Helen Curash for Smartcoders.ai

Helen Curash for Smartcoders.ai

Artificial intelligence in law has been developing for several years already. For instance, back in 2016 an…

AI for education: new experience for users, more profit for services.

Helen Curash for Smartcoders.ai

Global self isolation has made people all over the world shift to remote learning. This process was not smooth for everyone. Today we’re going to talk about the benefits that artificial intelligence is able to provide for educational services as well as about future changes in the educational process.


Artificial intelligence for online shops

sales growth, cutting expenses, conversions increase

Helen Curash for Smartcoders.ai

Thousands of online shops disappear every year only in Russia. It is easy to enter the fast growing e-commerce market but it is much harder not to be driven out of the market by constantly appearing competitors. …


SmartCoders is a company specialized in the field of artificial intelligence and clients’ behavior analysis. Our team has many years of experience in customized

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